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Friday, June 26, 2009

Cute Buys For Summer

Hey RemChic readers!

I'm back into the swing of things, and here is a great blog on how to jump-start your wardrobe for this summer. I'll give you all the pieces that I think are great for summer and explain why. Hopefully you can take my advise and turn these pieces into your own inspiration! The best part is...everything here is under $100!! Enjoy!

Printed Top!
Forever 21 Printed Slub Ruffle Top

Prints are very in this summer and are a great way to bring color and whimsical flair into your wardrobe! The best thing about these kinds of tops is you can pair them with a lot of different solids such as...
*High waisted skirts! (see below!)
*Denim! (shorts of jeans for night
*Light, solid jackets or cardigans (see below!)
Printed tops are a great way to transition from day-to-night. When trying to wear at night, pair printed tops with a long, fun necklace. I prefer gold tones, but whatever you prefer is fine!

Light Color, Light Material, Solid Jacket!

Anthropologie Asymmetric Architecture Jacket

Jackets are something most people don't shop for in the summer, but I definitely beg to differ. Most people travel a lot during the summer, and let's face it- airports/planes are chilly! Having a nice light jacket can help you transition to-and-from many places. Also, people are out-and-about more after dark during the summer, and depending on where you are it might be a bit chilly! Not enough to need a coat, but a jacket would be nice. I own this jacket and its very light weight. If you are interested in purchasing it and need a frame of reference I am 5'3", 115 lbs and I purchased a size 2.

Going with a light color is a must! First, it will bring out the sunkissed tones in your skin associated with summer. Second, you do not want a fall or winter look. This is a summer jacket!! Stick with whites, ivories, and light beiges. If you are fair skinned, go for more of a taupe because the really light tones will blend too much with your pigment. Third, summer is warmer and darker colors attract the sunlight.

Tulip Skirt!
These are all the rage this season. I'm actually including a few examples because you can really find a lot of versatile styles. The cardinal rules are as follows...
1) The skirt should fit on the smallest part of your body- your waist! This is a VERY important fit. If you go too big it will hang on a bigger part of your frame, making you look heavier than you are.
2) If you go solid on top, go print on the bottom.
3) If you go print on top, go solid on the bottom.
4) If you do solid top AND solid bottom, pair colors that contrast!

.....basically, watch fit and color pairing
American Apparel Polyester Micro-Fiber Tulip Skirt

Urban Outfitters Silence & Noise Tulip Skirt

Pool Cover-Up!
Some fashion experts might disagree with me on this one, but I believe that a beach or pool cover-up should be multifunctional. You should by a cover-up that was designed and intended to be a cover-up. However, the type of cover-up you choose to buy should be one that you feel confident you can throw on over your suit and go into a casual restaurant for a burger, ice cream parlor, etc. 

Here is what I would not go for...
*mesh or any other see-through fabrics
*something that just looks like a frumpy t-shirt, cover-ups are generally looser, but don't go oversized
*terry cloth...this is really outdated, and it looks like a towel you sewed into a dress/tunic.
*fabrics that are not waterproof, or will take a long time to dry. if you follow what I say above, and find a cover-up that's made to be a will be fine

Gap Seashore Hoodie

A Romper!
These are super chic IF and only IF they fit you properly. Rompers are something I do not feel you should order online. The reason for this is because an ill fitting romper can make you look like a 7 year old or pregnant. I would also try and find more refined materials, not cotton.

Bellatrix Printed Silk Romper

This would look adorable with black patent pointed toe pumps. Throw your hair up and dance the night away!


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