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Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Color for June: Baby Blue

This blog is a tribute to a few things...

1) I had the blues for a few days because my boyfriend is studying abroad in Ukraine, and I miss him! I'm okay now, but it was weird not having him around at first!
2) Everyone seems to be having babies! Especially boys! So here's to all the new mothers and their children- may you and your family be happy, healthy, safe, and prosperous. 

Here are my favorite baby blue items:

Starting with the shirt in the upper left hand corner and proceeding clockwise...
Top: Forever 21, Shirred Hem Pleat Front Top – $17.80
Dress: Tommy Hilfiger - Signature Solid Dress – $89
Watch: Tamara Comolli Watch – $780
Hobo Bag: Miu Miu Suede Tie Dye- $400
Shoes: Nine West - Count (Medium Blue/Medium Blue Synthetic) – $88.95
Tank: Roxy - Call Me Later Tank (Iris Orchid) – $40.50
Ice Bucket: Crate & Barrel, Acrylic Beverage Bucket – $17.95
Shoulder Bag: Nine West Ranya Medium Satchel – $89
Earrings: Anthropologie, Sea Of Cortez Earrings – $58
Bra: Anthropologie, Fancy-Schmancy Bra – $38
Ring (Center): 14k Gold Blue Shell & Topaz Ring – $570
Belt (Center): Forever 21, Shandy Basketweave Belt – $8.80

Now, pulling off baby blue this time of year can be kind of tricky because pastel colors are normally attributed to Spring (a la Easter eggs). However, lighter hues, such as baby blue, can highlight sunkissed skin from your summer tan! I would pair a single baby blue piece the following....

-with white for a nautical/sailor look (especially a baby blue top, white shorts, and maybe gold accessories)
-with khaki/deep tan (classic baby blue combo...I would go for a baby blue that's almost white with trousers and pumps)
-with red (I recently saw a baby blue dress with a red ribbon around the waistband- it was adorable and daring!)

Here are two inspired baby blue looks

First: My inspiration came from the red/baby blue combo and this look is sort of a day-at-the-spa outfit =)

Second: This look is a urban/modern look. The two baby blue pieces I chose are the shoes and the bag. Having two baby blue items in one outfit is okay, as long as they are downplayed by other textures and colors.

**If you are curious about any of the items in either of the two inspired looks...e-mail me at and I will help you locate the item(s) you desire!!**


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