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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Goals: What have YOU accomplished so far?

A little over a month ago, I wrote a list of goals for the summer. Well, it's time to check in! My goals are listed below and what I've done in order to reach that goal. Hope you all have been working on tackling your personal goal lists! If not, it's never too late to start!

1. Volunteer at the Sedona Public Library
I am currently co-teaching/assisting an art class for kids ages 6-11 at the Sedona Public Library! It's really fun, and I get to volunteer three times a week. It's the perfect way to give back to my local community, and let's face it- arts and crafts can be very therapeutic!

2. Visit Boston and Chicago
I decided to visit Boston August 11-16 of this year! I'm going with my best friend and will be checking out three grad schools: Emerson College, Northeastern, and BU. I'm very excited to take a trip and hope I fall in love with the east coast!

3. Take an online Psychology class
I'm actually about to head out-of-town after I publish this post and will be gone for a week, BUT I found a psychology class I want to take through Rio Salado College in Phoenix, AZ. I will sign up for it after the 4th of July holiday...promise!

4. Lose 5 pounds and train for a half marathon
Whoohoo!! I've actually lost seven pounds and have not only been running, but have also been taking yoga classes, lifting weights, hiking, and more! I really hope I keep the weight off and continue to exercise and eat healthy!

5. Read at least 15 books
So far I have read When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris, Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey, Siddhartha by Herman Hess, Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, and am currently reading My Friend Leonard by James Frey. I love books!

6. Pay off any and all debt
Eh...still working on this. I'm spending wisely, but I have a lot of expenses and bills! No fun!

7. Study for the GRE and LSAT
I decided I'm only going to take the GRE because I decided I really don't want to go to law school. Currently, I'm working through Kaplan's GRE Exam Math Workbook: 7th Edition and Barron's GRE 2010 Edition. It's not fun, but at least I'm doing it!

8. Save as much money as possible
See number 6.

9. Live a more natural lifestyle
I haven't eaten fast food all summer! Whoohoo! I've also been eating a ton of fruits and veggies. My favorite healthy treat is Larabars. They come in a ton of amazing flavors, and all of them have 5 of less ingredients. Yum!

10. Design and construct my own line
I haven't really done a lot with this goal, and I think it's because I've realized my fashion niche is more in online journalism and in styling. Although I admire the design process and think fashion designers are geniuses, my role in the creative process is a little different.

11. Make new friends, keep the old, and spend time with my family
This one has been easy! I love all the new people I've met and love all the people who have been in my life for a while now. I miss my friends who are far away, but being home has given me the opportunity to reconnect with my family and friends from the past. Thank you all for loving and supporting me!

Now...I'd like to add a new goal to the list...

12. Remember my strengths, work on my weaknesses

I am always so hard on myself and stress out A LOT. I have to remember all of the blessings I have and all of the amazing qualities I possess. Here are a list of adjectives that I think describe me:


and here are characteristics I possess, but need to work on them, accept them, etc....


...How have your goals progressed? Let me know with a comment!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

RemChic Recommends: Must-Have Products July 2010

Although July is still about a week away, I could not wait to publish this post because I have completely revamped RemChic Recommends! From now on I will showcase more products and have put some time into creating a collage of all of the items, as well as the nifty scroll box above with pictures of all the products. If you click on the photo of the product in the scroll box, it will take you directly to a site where you can purchase the item if you are so inclined! You should test it out! Seriously, it's a really cool widget, and (nerd alert!) I spent the greater part of two days figuring out how to make it, making this post extra squeal-worthy.

Anyways, right now I am starting to think about back-to-school shopping, which means trying to figure out what my wardrobe is going to include for the next academic year (or at least through next semester). I'd really like to focus on collecting quality staple pieces and since back-to-school season comes between summer and fall, I've featured a lot of earth-toned pieces and items that will work for both summer and fall. Of course, I don't want to confuse classic with boring, so I've included items like pink-on-acid Chanel lip shine (the color is actually Laser, but I prefer pink-on-acid) and pearlescent NARS nail polish in Adelita. It always amazes me how a little pizazz from the beauty department can make your whole outfit different!

My favorite item is the Elie Tahari Mira Pleated Leather Tote. You can totally see the architectural inspiration, and I just think the overall design is really innovative and pleasing to the eye. Of course, I somehow chose the most expensive item as my favorite, but I think this bag is going to be a huge hit this fall (it's on preorder right now). The bag also comes in black, but for some reason I favor the brown. Let me know if you disagree!

Hope you guys like the new RemChic Recommends. Let me know if you have any products you'd like to share! Also, feedback is welcome in regards to the new format! Leave a comment, and it'll make my day =)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

RemChic needs YOUR help. What color bag should I get?!

've found an amazing new school bag, but cannot decide what color I like best! I need your guys' help. Okay, so a little background information...the bag is by Urban Expressions and is vegan leather. It's huge and roomie! Perfect for school. There are side pockets for my pens and nicknacks. It comes with an extra strap, so I can haul it around the airport as a carry-on. I'm leaning towards one color, but I don't want to sway anyone's gut feeling on this. Please leave me a comment with your vote! Thanks =)


Friday, June 18, 2010

Quotes & Couture VI

"Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma."
-John Fairchild
Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Plus-Size 101: A crash course in dressing for all sizes- PART DEUX

fter writing the first part of this article I received some really awesome feedback and felt it was necessary to write a second part to this piece. In this article, I will focus mostly on covering a very common problem area: the chubby tummy. However, I also feature some really great plus-size clothing that will hopefully give you some inspiration for your next shopping trip!

I love TLC's What Not to Wear with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. The twosome made a series of fashion tip videos back in 2009, and one in particular focuses on this exact issue! Check it out here (and try to ignore the echo). I will summarize their tips, while adding some of my own advice in the mix. Enjoy!

Tip 1: Buy a Structured Jacket

I agree with Clinton, even if you don't have an hourglass shape, the curving of the jacket will create a nice feminine shape for you! I think blazers are the best, but I'm also a firm believer that everyone should own a leather jacket.

Talbots Venetian Wool Blend Short Jacket (available up to size 20)
J.Jill Shimmer Linen Jacket (available up to size 4x)
Torrid Heather Grey Blazer

Tip 2: Accentuate the Smallest Part of Your Frame

This means the bust line! Find a bra that will keep your girls where they are supposed to be! Creating a noticeable difference between your bust and your stomach is key. This also means hunting for dresses and tops that have thick or ruched bands. Beware the empire dress- sometimes it can be cute and flowy, and other times it will make you look completely preggo.

ASOS Fitted Sundress (available up to size 20)
Jessica Howard Plus-Size Woman Belted Dress (available up to size 24)
3 J Workshop by Johnny Was, Salon Z Christy Peasant Dress (available up to size 24)

Tip 3: Try V-Necks

V-necks make you look like you have a longer neck, which will add to an overall long-and-lean appearance. Add in a nice piece of statement jewelry and you will draw attention towards your beautiful face and away from your troublesome tum.

Johnny Was, Salon Z Striped V-Neck Floral Tee
Torrid Lace-Trimmed Crinkle Tank 
Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati Short Sleeve Mesh Shirt (Plus) 

Tip 4: Buy Dark Jeans That Fit
Although Stacy and Clinton didn't mention this in their video, but everyone should ALWAYS avoid the evil muffin-top. Pick jeans that fit! I believe dark washed jeans make all the difference in the world. Mid-rise jeans are a good choice for plus-sized girls. Also, avoid jeans with whiskers on the upper thigh, as they will make your hip area look wider than it actually is.

Torrid Dark Warn Well Skinny Bootcut Jean
CJ by Cookie Johnson 'Grace' Bootcut Jeans (Cosmos Wash)
Z. Cavaricci Couture- Luca Wash Sophia Bootcut Jean

That's all for now! Was this post helpful? Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!
Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ask RemChic: Stylish summer wedges and how to wear them

Time for another post for Ask RemChic! Remember, if you have a question for RemChic you can...

1) E-mail me at info at remchic dot com with the subject line "Ask RemChic"
2) Become a fan of RemChic and ask via Facebook!

Here is our question for the day... 

Question: "So I have been looking everywhere for a pair of cute and affordable wedges. I feel like they are fitting heels for this hot weather. Can you give me some ideas of what the best styles are, [and] also, what to wear them with for casual days and dressed up nights?"

Okay, so I'm going to break this down in a way that answers all of the aspects of this reader's question, meaning this season's best wedge styles, as well as complementary daytime and nighttime outfits.This post is fairly self-explanatory, so without further ado, let's get to it!

The Gladiator-Meets-Wedge
For the past few seasons, gladiator sandals have undoubtedly become a reoccurring trend. Designers have come up with wedge designs that cater to the gladiator style, while still providing height for any fashionista who insists on a summery shoe with pizazz. This shoe is also great because it can be dressed up or down.

For my first look, I've chosen to create a casual look inspired by Jennifer Aniston's adorable Bermuda shorts. I selected a white blouse because it will be airy and refract the sun's light, keeping you nice and cool throughout the day. The overall neutral color pallet of this outfit would work well for work, running errands, or meeting for lunch....and of course, everyone knows I'm a sucker for neutrals. Finally, I would tuck the blouse in the shorts to finish off this chic and classic look.

American Eagle Clean Bermuda Shorts in Black
Steve Madden Tuscaan Sandal in Grey Multi (although it looks more like a coffee bronze to me)
Anthropologie Daring Dart Blouse in White
Urban Outfitters Cascading Mixed Metal Rhinestone Necklace
Vaselina Perfumada Fragrant Vanilla Lip Balm

For a night look, I thought these wedges would be great for going to a cantina for salsa dancing or an evening patio dinner date, so I chose this amazing blood orange Alice + Olivia dress to compliment the bronze tones in the wedge. Top it off with some cute accessories and you are good to go!

Steve Madden Tuscaan Sandal in Grey Multi
Alice + Olivia Kiera Dolman One Sloulder Dolam Dress in Blood Orange
French Connection Costal Clutch in Natural
Kardashian Square Point Earrings

Here are some more examples of gladiator wedges:
The Wedge Pump
The wedge pump is amazing for the working girl because they are totally work appropriate and provide you extra support while you are running around the office. In addition to my example, Urban Outfitters also has a really great canvass wedge pump that is really inexpensive. Check it out here!

The distributor for the Pour La Victoire shoe I've selected recommends "mixing and matching with both ruffly and tailored ensembles for a feminine yet totally chic and contemporary look," so for my day look I've incorporated both ruffled and tailored pieces into the ensemble.

Pour La Victoire Women's Edie Wedge Pump in Black
Pins and Needles Ruffle Dress (I also featured this as one of my items for the month of May!)
Topshop Shrunken Blazer in Grey Blue
Anthropologie Plucked Berry Tote in Red
Michael by Michael Kors Drake Sunglasses in Black

For the nighttime look, why not go for an easy transition? Lose the blazer and rework the accessories and you're ready for a night out! Easy and versatile is the way to go!

French Connection Dallas Sparkle Clutch
Nine West Python Fold Over Bracelet in Grey/Silver
Dior Addict Lipcolor in Pop Red

Here are some more examples of wedge pumps:

The Espadrille Wedge
What classifies an espadrille wedge from other wedges is the canvas or twine-looking rope, which is usually fastened in layers to a rubber or flexible sole. Espadrille wedges are very popular during the summer seasons, but probably aren't a good choice for all-year-round. The two most common espadrille wedges are the sling-back and ankle strap varieties. I prefer the ankle strap because I think the sling-back versions tend to look kinda chunky and weird; however, the Banana Republic sling-back espadrille wedge I've chosen to feature is pretty tame. Maybe it's a matter of how hard you hunt =)

Banana Republic Maureen Sling-Back Espadrille Wedge in Natural
Topshop Gold Button Mini Skirt in Khaki
Kain Silk and Model Tank
CIVINDI Women Silk Cardigan in Brown
Anthropologie Fancy Free Tote
M.A.C. To The Beach Bronzing Powder

This evening outfit could actually work in the daytime, too, and I think we can attribute that to the casualness of this shoe- you can really only dress it up so much. 

Anthropologie Grand Island Dress in Plum
Free People Bohemian Opal Ring
Hot Tools Professional Marcel Curling Iron
Frederic Fekkai Coiff™ Fini/Sheer Hold Hairspray

Here are some more examples:
And just for kicks, while I was putting together this post I found these Leather Wedge Sandals by Alaïa, which retail for over $2,000! The all-leather, Italian crafted wedges have "stitched paneling with cream thread, an open toe, cutout detailing, a back zip fastening and come in a signature brown buckle-fastening box." Oh la la!

I hope I've answered this reader's question. If you have any feedback for this reader and/or in regards to my advice leave a comment with your thoughts!
Photo Credits:
-Jennifer Aniston:
Thursday, June 10, 2010

Plus Size 101: A crash course in dressing for all sizes- PART UN

One reader requested a post on plus size fashion, and I'm so glad she did! This is such a great area to explore, and I for one learned that plus size fashion rules are basically the same rules everyone (no matter what size) should follow, so wheither you are a size 00 or a size 20 this post will have a ton of great information for you!

On a side note, all of the pictures featured under each tip are from a photoshoot for V Magazine's Size/Spring 2010 issue. All of the photos were found through the website!

Tip 1: Too tight is just as bad as too loose

An article published in 2005 used this great pantyhose example to demonstrate why tight fabrics are plain unflattering. Imagine you have on pair of black pantyhose. When you stand in front of the mirror you will see that around your ankles the material will be a solid black and look how you would ideally imagine pantyhose to appear. However, around the thicker part of your (or anyone else's) thighs the material will be sort of grayish.

This color difference will draw attention to the thicker part of your body- your legs. The same theory applies to any fabric that is overstretched. The larger or more ample parts of your body will be accentuated in a way that is undesired.

The other side of this is too loose. Anyone who isn't 6'0" and 115 pounds knows that oversized clothing will make you look heavier than you actually are AND will completely hide your beautiful body!

Tip 2: Remember the cardinal no'nos

These are clothing features that will not flatter your shape:

Vertical Stripes: They never come out exactly vertical because the fabric they are printed on will hug whatever curves your body has, making you look lumpy and frumpy. No good.

Spandex-Based Tube Tops: This makes me cringe....when girls have that pinch of flesh by their arm pits because their tube top is too tight or has a really intense elastic band. Yuck.

Mid-Calf Dresses: This cut is just not suitable for most women, especially plus sized girls. Opt for a-line dresses or skirts that end at the knee or slightly above.

Tapered Pants: These types of pants fit snuggly around the waist and have a leg that tapers in close to the ankle. This is not good for plus size women because it will make your bottom half look like a lemon. Opt for boot cut jeans or tailored trousers.

Tip 3: Embrace shopping and try. things. on.

A lot of plus size women feel self-conscious shopping, and therefore, adopt a grab-and-go mentality. This does not work for anyone no matter what size. Take the time to get to know your body and love it! Find out what shapes, colors, patterns, and cuts look good on you! Make sure you aren't shy when it comes to full length mirrors because it's important to check out an outfit from every angle. This doesn't mean be overly critical; it means be honest with yourself, ask your shopping partner's opinion, and have fun dressing up! Most importantly, ask yourself how does this blouse/skirt/outfit make me feel? because confidence never goes out of style =)

Tip 4: Research a good tailor and stores with free alterations

None of us are a cookie cutter model of whatever size we may be, so it's important we make sure our clothes actually fit. This might mean a little extra time and/or money, but if you're clothes don't fit properly why even bother? Find a good tailor! I've gotten most of my alterations done by one of my friend's grandmother because she knows her stuff, and she's less expensive than a commercial tailor. Utilize your resources, and you're sure to find someone who can help you out! Additionally, a lot of stores offer free alterations, so make sure you ask sales associates if this service is offered (especially for jeans and suits).

Tip 5: Bond with other plus size fashionistas!

This website has a list of some really fab plus size blogs. I like the variety because some of them (Fat Chic, for example) feature fashion and health topics, whereas others (Young Fat and Fabulous) have really cool real life snapshots of fashionable plus size girls! The amount of inspiration you can gain from these websites is endless!

Enough of the lecture, let's see some clothes!

After looking around, here are some stores that have great plus size items. I've included the store name, a link to their website, and a few of my favorite online items! Happy hunting =)

Forever 21 (Faith 21):


Saks Fifth Avenue:

Old Navy:

Well, that's all for now! Leave me a comment if you think this post is helpful and/or if you have any additional tips!