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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Fashion News: Urban Outfitters launches beauty department!

After a long day nothing gets me in a good mood like a quick peruse around Urban Outfitter's website. I often wind down with a cup of tea and wishful thinking as I view the hundreds of adorable items they feature. Today, however, I was taken aback by a dark blue announcement on the website. What did the announcement say? Urban Outfitters now has their very own beauty department. Gasp!

I instantly fell in love with this department. Of course, U.O. has selected only the most amazing products, all of which have super chic packaging. The online organizational system is great (I will talk more about this in a bit) and right now Urban Outfitters is offering free shipping on any order that contains a regularly priced beauty product! Here are the beauty brands featured on U.O.'s website:

Anna Sui
Lipstick Queen
Manic Panic
Revolution in Cut
Too Faced

I've had experience with Too Faced, DuWop, Stila, and Demeter, and they are all great companies! I have Too Faced eye shadow, DuWop lip gloss (I steer clear from their infamous lip plumper because it makes me look like I've had a bad lip job), Stila concealer, and have dabbled with Demeter fragrance.

I was looking through the different brands featured on U.O. when I noticed each brand has its own heading, featuring the brand's logo and a bit about the company. Having this little blurb is great! It gives you just the right amount of info to capture your attention! Here's an example:

Another feature I like is the "Trends" drop down menu, which features all of the latest and greatest beauty trends. Then, U.O. conveniently couples the trend with whatever product(s) they have that will help you achieve the featured look! Here's one example on the trend "Bold Lipstick:"

Anyways, here are my must-have and/or must-try items from Urban Outfitters' new beauty department:

Product Information (clockwise from upper left):
NYX Lip Palette in Pinky Promise
Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette

Well, what do you think? Are you going to shop at U.O. for any/all of your beauty needs? Why/why not? Let me know!

All photos belong to Urban Outfitters


AR said...

Yes! I am going online shopping now! thanks for the tip loveeee you!

Kristina said...

Isn't it exciting?! Happy shopping! Let me know what you get!

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