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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Look for Less: Stylish Items

Everyone loves the current "it" item; however, everyone also loves a good steal. Here are some splurge and steal items that will absolutely help you achieve the same look. Enjoy! =)

**CAUTION: I'm firmly against getting fake items or knockoffs. To each his own, but remember designers are executing their expression, copying that in fraudulent manner is degrading. If you buy knockoffs, in my opinion, your supporting that lack of integrity**

Item 1: 
DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Charmeuse tunic top 

OLD NAVY Women's Picot-Trim Pintuck Tops

Item 2:
MARC JACOBS COLLECTION Bruna Quilted Nylon Satchel

URBAN OUTFITTERS Deena & Ozzy Kisslock Satchel

Item 3:
MANOLO BLAHNIK Nativa in Black

CHARLOTTE RUSSE Fringe Platforms in Black

Item 4:
VERSACE Floral Sheath Dress

COLDWATER CREEK Banded-floral dress

Item 5:
ZAC POSEN Stretch Polished Cotton Ruffle Dress

BILLABONG Tess Dress in Yellow
Thursday, May 28, 2009

Great Brand: Deux Lux

I LOVEEE Deux Lux bags. I have purchased a number of Deux Lux bags over the years from stores such as Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie without noticing that they were all the same brand. After several spring cleanings and moving..twice...I have retained all of my Deux Lux bags. They are vintage, rustic, AFFORDABLE and so adorable. They last forever, and I've even taken one to the dry cleaners with no problem. Here are some that I either own (and love!) or are on my future "to buy" list =)

1. Deux Lux Zipper Seamed Satchel in Ivory $68.00 available on

2.Deux Lux Doublecross Bag in Deep Purple $68.00 available on

3. Deux Lux Bow Tote in Rose $84.99 available on

4. Deux Lux Filigree Shoulder Bag in Olive $68.00 available on
Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trend Alert! Smocked Dresses

Whenever I think of the word "smock" I think of 3rd grade art class where we all wore old t-shirts or smocks over our uniforms when fingerpainting or making collages. However, that is only one type of smock. According to the dictionary, a smock can be "a loose dress or blouse" or "a loose garment worn over one's clothes to protect them." Well either way, the smocked dress is in!

How to spot a smocked dress...
-Pattern! (especially floral and stripes)
-Shorter! (although I have spotted a few maxi dresses that I would classify as smocked)
-Tube Top or Sleeveless!

Here's how I would wear a smocked dress...

Teapot:, Teapot (8-c.) by Spode – $130.20
Dress: Missoni Short Floral Sleeveless Dress – £1,765
Shrug: Stella McCartney Organic Hand Knit Shrug - Plaster – $975
Bag: Derek Lam Jules Python Bag - Ivory – $2,590
Boots:MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA - Distressed leather boots with angled sole – $358
Bracelet: CoutureCandy, Kuo Ting Jewelry Resin Disc Bracelet – $58
Ring: Kara By Kara Ross Single Petal Flower Ring – $187

...and here are some other examples!... for under $100!!!

1) Forever 21, Isora Smocked Tube Dress – $19.80
2) Urban Outfitters, Ecote Smocked Tube – $58
3) Forever 21, Paisley Smocked Tube Dress – $22.80
4) Harmony Lane, Voom Safari Tube Dress – $99
5) Forever 21, Chiffon Folk Dress – $19.8
6) Charlotte Russe, Tiered Tube Dress – $24.99
7) BCX Floral Yoryu Printed Tube Dress – $54

I would pair smocked dresses with strappy gladiator sandals, long pendant necklaces, leggings w/boots, and waist belts. I would stay away from heels with smocked dresses because they tend to be more casual and short! A smocked dress could also be a good swim suit cover-up because its loose!
Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hey Readers! 

I just wanted to give a quick apology for not posting as frequently this month. I was swamped with school, moving, and more! I'm back though and ready to bring you amazing advise, tips, and all the fashion updates you need! I usually try and shoot for about 4 posts a week, and I know this month I've been posting 2-3. I'm committed to you, and promise to work on this whole heartedly!


Worthy Website:

I've found another great website for you to go check out!! I would say LuLu's collection of clothing is centered around a very polished feminine look. They feature a lot of blouses and other items to give you a great girly touch!

 The best thing about this website, I think, is the diversity. They carry well-known brands, such as Roxy, and other brands that are not as mainstream. The pricing is the same way, you can find tops that range from $20 to $70 all on the same page!

Here are some of the pieces I like the most:

Mulholland Bubble Dress in Taupe

Twilight Jacket by BB Dakota by Jack

Goddess In Turquoise Ring

Sandpiper Dress in Gray

Dollhouse Abiba Brown Embroidered and Beaded Sandal
Photos: belong to
Monday, May 18, 2009

Worthy Website:

Avelle at is a website that allows the consumer (you!) to borrow designer bags, sunglasses, jewelry, and watches! Their collection of rental goods range from Chanel tote bags to Tiffany & Co. jewelry to Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses. Best of all, if you become a member you automatically get to the top of the list for upcoming bags and receive discounts on any item you rent. 

The site also collaborates with other fashion websites and blogs to offer its members great promos. Here are some bags that I really like, along with the nonmember and member rental prices! As far as membership, they have different rates and promotions regularly. If you see something you like jump on it QUICK! Bags go really quick and then you'll find yourself on a waiting list =( 

Check it out.....

Chanel 'Modern Chain' Large Tote Bag
Don't let the picture fool you...this is a very generously sized tote bag. Great for transitioning between campus to dinner with friends/family/your boyfriend, etc. 
Retail price: $2,225.00
--Member Price--
$94.00/week or $275.00/month
--Non-Member Price--
$100.00/week or $293.00/month

Tory Burch 'Tory' Tote
This tote is greattt for Spring, and the rental price is an absolute steal. This is one great aspect of the website- you can rent 
this tote for the spring/summer season and switch to a new tote for fall/winter. 
Retail price: $225.00
--Member Price--
$14.00/week or $40.00/month
--Non-member Price--
$26.00/week or $75.00/month

Coach Signature Stripe Denim Satchel Handbag
This is the classic Coach signature bag. Although Coach isn't one of my personal favorites, I do commend the company for the durability of their bags and the longevity of their signature. =)
Retail price: $358.00
--Member Price--
$22.00/week or $65.00/month
--Non-member Price--
$39.00/week or $91.00/month

Juicy Couture 'Mod' Princess Fluffy Handbag
This Juicy bag is very Jackie-O in 2009. It's classic ivory color is very timeless. No matter what season, I personally think this bag will be "in." I mean...who said anything about wearing ivory after labor day??!! ;D
Retail value of $375.00
--Member Price--
$15.00/week or $45.00/month
--Non-member Price--
$21.00/week or $58.00/month
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trend Alert! Depression Chic

Spring collections from designers such as Alberta Ferretti, Bottega Veneta, and Burberry are all showcasing an interesting take on the current recession- they are bringing back the style from the Great Depression era. Now, some might find this offensive, but I think its quite brilliant. Designers are showing that there is beauty and intruigue in hard times.

"Depression Chic" as it has been named by fashion critics encompasses two key elements of the 1920's and 1930's- the flapper and the workman of Hooverville. For those of you who aren't familiar with the terms, here's a little review, courtesy of Encyclopedia Brittanica:

Flapper: "Having won the right to vote when the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified in 1920, the new “emancipated” woman, the flapper, demanded to be recognized as man’s equal in all areas. She adopted a masculine look, bobbing her hair and abandoning corsets; she drank and smoked in public; and she was more open about her sexuality."

Hooverville: he popular name for shanty towns built by homeless men during the Great Depression. Men often wore their work clothes in hopes of finding work for a few days.

Now we will look at designer examples of each trend:

Left "Flapper" by Alberta Ferretti
Right "Workman" by
Botega Veneta
Now here are some pieces that are available right now from stores all over such as Express, Urban Outfitters, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Arden B, and more. I found SOOOO much. Each example below is under $50, most are under $25.

Keep these elements in mind when shopping for this look:
Flapper: tiered layering, frill, feathers, short dresses
Workman: stripes, collars, fedora and newspaper boy hats, button-ups



Information and Photo Sources: "Flapper" and "Hooverville" Encyclopedia Brittani ca. 2007. Web.18 Apr 2009...."Depression Chic: Trend Alert." 05 Jan 2009. 18 Apr 2009
Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pretty Things I Like...

I was just perusing around the world wide web, and there are sooo many cute things out there right now!! Usually I find just a couple of things that I like, but lately there are pieces on every sight that are just amazing. Also, right now stores are bringing in the summery, lighter clothes and putting a lot of spring items on sale. Right now is a great time to do some shopping, and here are my favorite buys:

This dress is super light and can be worn in so many ways! I would suggest over a bathing suit, with skinny jeans as a tunic, or maybe even belted as a top. The hint of color amongst the tie dye "stripes" gives this dress versatility to mix with many different types of accessories. I would recommend either gold accessories, or a bright color, such as a coral beaded bracelet. 

Cost: $98.00

This dress is the perfect summer date dress. Also, this would be a good number to wear to any graduation events that you may be attending this year. If you are going out late at night, pair this dress with black booties and a black cardigan! If you need to dress it up, I would suggest a red clutch and open toed black pumps. This dress is extremely neutral- you can literally wear it any way you like! This is also a good Mother's Day gift for mom to wear to work =)

Cost: $295.00

ASH Monoi Studded Flat

These are my favoriteee sandals (so far) this year. The dark coffee color will compliment with so many things, especially with all of those bright colors you'll be wearing this summer! Their bohemian meets Western meets hardcore- so they are sure to go with every upcoming trend =)

Cost: $208.00

Marc by Marc Jacobs Buckle Up Bikini

This bathing suit speaks for itself. There are two trends implemented in this one suit: colorblock and the bandeau top. The straps are removable, so you dont have to worry about awkward tan lines! The buckle details are adorable and break up the colors really nicely. Just pair this suit with some shades and you are ready for summer!

Cost: $170

I think the cut off look is really cute. I would pair these shorts with a loose plaid button-up or a flowy hippie tunic. These will definitely go with your best sandals- I would stay away from flats with these. These are a great pair of shorts to wear to all of those summer BBQs coming up, or even to the ball park =)

Cost: $159.00

This dress has a great color combination that will help you transition from spring to summer! This dress is great for weddings, graduation celebrations, or even as a casual piece while walking the beaches! A sun hat would look adorable with this dress, and, of course, don't forget your sunglasses! 

Cost: $374.00

Photos: belong to

Friday, May 08, 2009

Designer Profile: Consuelo Castiglioni

Conseulo Castiglioni has been noted for many accomplishments, but this profile will be focusing specifically on her Italian fashion label, one of my favorites, Marni. Castiglioni emphasizes color, shape, and print through this line, named after her sister. The line began in 1994, and has many signature elements such as bringing back streamlining, colorblocking, and juxtaposing textures in one garment. One other unique aspect of Marni is that both Conseulo and husband Gianni (the CEO) have vowed to produce every entity in this line in Italy.

Born: Lugano, Switzerland (just 45 minutes away from Milan), date n/a
Education: She has zero formal fashion training or education!
Origin: She is is part Chilean and was raised in Italian-Swiss town. Her line is Italian
Designer Line(s): Marni. She has did a collection of fur shrugs for a different company before Marni.
"Claim to Fame:" She originally created Marni so that customer's of her fur shrugs would have something more casual to balance it out, but Marni was much more successful than the collection of fur, and the rest is history!

Here are some of my favorite Marni pieces...

Pink Dress: Medium Sleeve Dresses – $1,170
Beaded Necklace: Coal Necklaces – $865
Top: Two Tone Deep Green Top – $415
Maxi Dress: Long Signature MARNI Long dress – $1,135
Shoe: Suede "Sandal" - $850
Swimsuit: Pink/Gray Swim Suits – $220
Sunglasses: MARNI Eyewear – $450
Bracelet: Chunky Bracelet - $470
Clutch: MARNI Shoulder Bags – $940
Yellow Top: MARNI Top – $224

Where can I buy Marni? and both have a good collection of Marni and run sales/discounts

Resources and Photo Credits: "Creative Chic." Vogue (May 2007): 258-259, 303-304.
Tuesday, May 05, 2009

B is for BOWS

It's our second month building the alphabet with fashion! This month the letter is "B" and I have chosen BOWS!! The feminine touch of a bow can really change the simplest piece into one that is delicate and girly. Here are some of my favorites and a few tips on wearing bows!!

1) Less is more! This means that you really only need one bow in your outfit. My personal favorite way to wear a bow is on a clutch. I think it gives the clutch a little pizazz!
2) Size matters! Evaluate the size of the bow you want. Size can range from large (see the tube dress below) to a simple detail on a cardigan or brooch. If you have an outfit with a big bow, you might want to make that the focal point and dress everything more simply- i.e. stay away from excessive ruffles, frill, or other types of added texture! Let the bow do its job ;)

Teal Shirt: Newport News, Silky-soft V-neck – $19
Navy/White Dress:, rsvp - Ivana (Navy/Ivory) – $88.20
Bright Blue Dress: Elizabeth Charles, Karen Walker bow front dress – $689
Bra: Urban Outfitters, Shadow Stripe Bow Underwire – $20
Bow Belt: Fashion Focus black leather stretch back 'Obi' belt – $25
Headband: Anthropologie, Chiffon Bow Headband – $38
Bag: Anthropologie, Blooming Bow Bag – $78
Cardigan: Forever 21, Striped Bow Front Cardigan – $28
Flats: Target, Women's Merona® Meghan Bow Moccasins - Raspberry Patent – $6.24
Clutch:, High Fashion Python Print Clutch with Bow – $69

Here's a celebrity example of wearing a bow! The dress Beyonce is wearing is by designer Elie Saab:
Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sales and Coupons II

Urban Outfitters is offering 15% off orders over $100 with the coupon
Code: SUNNY15
Ends: May 12th.

dELiA*s free shipping with any order over $25
Code: DXEAFF at checkout
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Alloy free shipping when you spend $25 or more
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Benefit Cosmetics is offering a free mini Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner with any $35 order
Code: MOTHER09 at checkout
Ends: May 10th

Saks Fifth Avenue is offering free standard shipping with orders of $150+ when you use the code
Ends: May 6th

My College Footwear is offering 60% off any order with the code
Ends: May 31st

Pink Mascara 10% Off Site Wide. Excludes Sale Items
Code: SPRING10 at Checkout
Ends: May 31

Wet Seal Free Shipping on Orders Over $20+
Code: Free09
Ends: December 31, 2009

LuLus Free $5 For Signing Up On The Mailing List!
Code: n/a you have to sign up!
Ends: never??

LuLus 15% Off of Your Entire Purchase!
Code: lovelulus
Ends: never??

Aldo Access to an Exclusive Clearance Section! Go to this website and enter code!
Code: 5489548
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Baker's Shoes 10% off next purchase
Code: welcome1108
Ends: never?? Free standard shipping on all U.S. orders over $50.
Code: GJSHIP50
Ends: never??

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Essentials: May

1) Charlotte Russe "Zebra" Tote- $18.99
2) Forever 21, Bright Blue Organic V-neck Tee- $9.80
3) Fossil "Rena" Aviator Sunglasses – $50
4) Arden B, Tribal Bead Maxi Dress – $68
5) Diamondbacks Jersey- $64
6) Neutrogena UVA/UVB Block – $9.59
7) Tepper Jackson Passport Wallet + Luggage Tag – $45

This month I wanted to focus on pieces that are essential for specifically summer. When I think of summer I think of a few things: being by the pool, traveling, and baseball season. Here's what you need to get you through those three events...

A Large Tote Bag for bringing water bottles and towels to the pool and can also serve as a great carry-on for iPods, a sweater, and whatever else you may want/need on the plane

Bright, Loose, V-neck Tees to throw on over a bathing suit or with jeans/yoga pants at the airport. Especially because your skin tone will probably be darkening a few shades, bright tees are the perfect way to showcase your sun-kissed skin! I also recommend v-necks because you can hang your sunglasses on the shirt more securely than a crew neck.

Sunglasses are soooo important and very stylish, too! My favorite style is the aviator because it feel like it has a good glam/casual/relaxed feeling to it. I also feel like aviators fit the widest range of faces, but that's debatable!

Maxi Dresses are good to wear on the plane or by the pool. They are great because a maxi dress can be a complete outfit. For example, the Arden B one I chose here has embellishments around the neckline, so it is not necessary to pair it with a necklace

Jersey. I picked my local team, the Arizona Diamondbacks to showcase, but the point here is that its fun to sport your favorite team's logo to the game! Wear with bootcut jeans and sandals and viola! You're baseball chic ;)

Sunblock although the debate over global warming is not my area of expertise, it is a well established fact that there are holes in the ozone, making UVA and UVB rays more abundant in the atmosphere...wear your sunblock!! There are even make-up friendly kinds where you can put it on before your foundation, or there is foundation that has SPF in it. Even if you aren't poolside, light goes through clear airplane or car windows!

Passport Wallet and Luggage Tags are necessary for any traveler. There is nothing worse than losing your luggage or damaging your passport to the point that you get it taken away or it is not accepted. Passport wallets can act like a book cover and protect your wallet and luggage tags can help you spot your luggage as it comes through baggage claim. Plus, they can be a really cute accessory!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Photo Inspiration: Pool Time

This blog is geared towards providing you (the reader) with ways to spice up your wardrobe. I like to help you find ways to recreate celebrity looks for cheap, follow upcoming trends, and mix-n-match pieces you already have in a new way to create a completely fresh ensemble. However, every piece of clothing ever sold has been conceptualized from inspiration. 

I'd like to show you that just because you may not be a fashion designer, doesn't mean that you can't use inspiration to build your closet. I will be randomly posting outfits inspired by a photograph I have found. I try and pick everyday scenes so that you can see, your everyday life can take your attire in any direction you choose! 

Photo Inspiration 2: Pool Time

Here's the Photo....

...and Here are the Outfits...

For this photo I was actually able to "make" four outfits! I based each outfit off of one of the girls in the photo, and they correspond left to right. Now, I'm going to breakdown each outfit by each girl (from left to right) Elodie, Kendal, Aubrey, and Sophia.
Top: Forever 21, Flower Collar Top – $19.80
Skirt: Alloy, High-Waist Bow Skirt – $28.50
Ring: Betsey Johnson Anchor Ring – $55
Shoes: Piperlime, Restricted Bonsai – $55
Dress: Betsey Johnson blue paisley chiffon tiered min dress – $195
Boat Shoes: Dillard's, Born "opal" – $120
Top: Monrow fuchsia cotton 'Bold Stripe' v-neck t-shirt – $74
Denim: DR DENIM - Raw denim Jamie skinny jeans – $87
Shoes: Keds Dallas Wedge – $59.50
Green/Pink Tote: Cindy Kirk Handcuffed Trees – $30
Maxi Dress: Wet Seal, Cinched Front Maxi Dress – $16.90
Floral Tote: Anthropologie, Blooming Bow Bag – $78
Headband: Nordstrom, Cara Accessories 'Flower Garden' Headband – $28
The light teal colored earrings could really go with any outfit, I just thought they fit the floral/youthful theme: Urban Outfitters, Wild Flower Post Earrings – $14

The idea here is that you can take a photograph into a store and make yourself a stunning outfit. I know some of you might be thinking there is NO way I'm carrying a photo around a store, but I ask you to reconsider! 

This could also be a really fun way to get together with your friends and have a little competition. Give everyone the same photo and meet back and see what everyone made from the photo! I'll be reposting this blog with different pictures/outfits, so if you see this repeated its not a mistake! Enjoy!