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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Essentials: May

1) Charlotte Russe "Zebra" Tote- $18.99
2) Forever 21, Bright Blue Organic V-neck Tee- $9.80
3) Fossil "Rena" Aviator Sunglasses – $50
4) Arden B, Tribal Bead Maxi Dress – $68
5) Diamondbacks Jersey- $64
6) Neutrogena UVA/UVB Block – $9.59
7) Tepper Jackson Passport Wallet + Luggage Tag – $45

This month I wanted to focus on pieces that are essential for specifically summer. When I think of summer I think of a few things: being by the pool, traveling, and baseball season. Here's what you need to get you through those three events...

A Large Tote Bag for bringing water bottles and towels to the pool and can also serve as a great carry-on for iPods, a sweater, and whatever else you may want/need on the plane

Bright, Loose, V-neck Tees to throw on over a bathing suit or with jeans/yoga pants at the airport. Especially because your skin tone will probably be darkening a few shades, bright tees are the perfect way to showcase your sun-kissed skin! I also recommend v-necks because you can hang your sunglasses on the shirt more securely than a crew neck.

Sunglasses are soooo important and very stylish, too! My favorite style is the aviator because it feel like it has a good glam/casual/relaxed feeling to it. I also feel like aviators fit the widest range of faces, but that's debatable!

Maxi Dresses are good to wear on the plane or by the pool. They are great because a maxi dress can be a complete outfit. For example, the Arden B one I chose here has embellishments around the neckline, so it is not necessary to pair it with a necklace

Jersey. I picked my local team, the Arizona Diamondbacks to showcase, but the point here is that its fun to sport your favorite team's logo to the game! Wear with bootcut jeans and sandals and viola! You're baseball chic ;)

Sunblock although the debate over global warming is not my area of expertise, it is a well established fact that there are holes in the ozone, making UVA and UVB rays more abundant in the atmosphere...wear your sunblock!! There are even make-up friendly kinds where you can put it on before your foundation, or there is foundation that has SPF in it. Even if you aren't poolside, light goes through clear airplane or car windows!

Passport Wallet and Luggage Tags are necessary for any traveler. There is nothing worse than losing your luggage or damaging your passport to the point that you get it taken away or it is not accepted. Passport wallets can act like a book cover and protect your wallet and luggage tags can help you spot your luggage as it comes through baggage claim. Plus, they can be a really cute accessory!


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