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Friday, May 08, 2009

Designer Profile: Consuelo Castiglioni

Conseulo Castiglioni has been noted for many accomplishments, but this profile will be focusing specifically on her Italian fashion label, one of my favorites, Marni. Castiglioni emphasizes color, shape, and print through this line, named after her sister. The line began in 1994, and has many signature elements such as bringing back streamlining, colorblocking, and juxtaposing textures in one garment. One other unique aspect of Marni is that both Conseulo and husband Gianni (the CEO) have vowed to produce every entity in this line in Italy.

Born: Lugano, Switzerland (just 45 minutes away from Milan), date n/a
Education: She has zero formal fashion training or education!
Origin: She is is part Chilean and was raised in Italian-Swiss town. Her line is Italian
Designer Line(s): Marni. She has did a collection of fur shrugs for a different company before Marni.
"Claim to Fame:" She originally created Marni so that customer's of her fur shrugs would have something more casual to balance it out, but Marni was much more successful than the collection of fur, and the rest is history!

Here are some of my favorite Marni pieces...

Pink Dress: Medium Sleeve Dresses – $1,170
Beaded Necklace: Coal Necklaces – $865
Top: Two Tone Deep Green Top – $415
Maxi Dress: Long Signature MARNI Long dress – $1,135
Shoe: Suede "Sandal" - $850
Swimsuit: Pink/Gray Swim Suits – $220
Sunglasses: MARNI Eyewear – $450
Bracelet: Chunky Bracelet - $470
Clutch: MARNI Shoulder Bags – $940
Yellow Top: MARNI Top – $224

Where can I buy Marni? and both have a good collection of Marni and run sales/discounts

Resources and Photo Credits: "Creative Chic." Vogue (May 2007): 258-259, 303-304.


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