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Friday, May 01, 2009

Photo Inspiration: Pool Time

This blog is geared towards providing you (the reader) with ways to spice up your wardrobe. I like to help you find ways to recreate celebrity looks for cheap, follow upcoming trends, and mix-n-match pieces you already have in a new way to create a completely fresh ensemble. However, every piece of clothing ever sold has been conceptualized from inspiration. 

I'd like to show you that just because you may not be a fashion designer, doesn't mean that you can't use inspiration to build your closet. I will be randomly posting outfits inspired by a photograph I have found. I try and pick everyday scenes so that you can see, your everyday life can take your attire in any direction you choose! 

Photo Inspiration 2: Pool Time

Here's the Photo....

...and Here are the Outfits...

For this photo I was actually able to "make" four outfits! I based each outfit off of one of the girls in the photo, and they correspond left to right. Now, I'm going to breakdown each outfit by each girl (from left to right) Elodie, Kendal, Aubrey, and Sophia.
Top: Forever 21, Flower Collar Top – $19.80
Skirt: Alloy, High-Waist Bow Skirt – $28.50
Ring: Betsey Johnson Anchor Ring – $55
Shoes: Piperlime, Restricted Bonsai – $55
Dress: Betsey Johnson blue paisley chiffon tiered min dress – $195
Boat Shoes: Dillard's, Born "opal" – $120
Top: Monrow fuchsia cotton 'Bold Stripe' v-neck t-shirt – $74
Denim: DR DENIM - Raw denim Jamie skinny jeans – $87
Shoes: Keds Dallas Wedge – $59.50
Green/Pink Tote: Cindy Kirk Handcuffed Trees – $30
Maxi Dress: Wet Seal, Cinched Front Maxi Dress – $16.90
Floral Tote: Anthropologie, Blooming Bow Bag – $78
Headband: Nordstrom, Cara Accessories 'Flower Garden' Headband – $28
The light teal colored earrings could really go with any outfit, I just thought they fit the floral/youthful theme: Urban Outfitters, Wild Flower Post Earrings – $14

The idea here is that you can take a photograph into a store and make yourself a stunning outfit. I know some of you might be thinking there is NO way I'm carrying a photo around a store, but I ask you to reconsider! 

This could also be a really fun way to get together with your friends and have a little competition. Give everyone the same photo and meet back and see what everyone made from the photo! I'll be reposting this blog with different pictures/outfits, so if you see this repeated its not a mistake! Enjoy!


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