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Monday, May 18, 2009

Worthy Website:

Avelle at is a website that allows the consumer (you!) to borrow designer bags, sunglasses, jewelry, and watches! Their collection of rental goods range from Chanel tote bags to Tiffany & Co. jewelry to Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses. Best of all, if you become a member you automatically get to the top of the list for upcoming bags and receive discounts on any item you rent. 

The site also collaborates with other fashion websites and blogs to offer its members great promos. Here are some bags that I really like, along with the nonmember and member rental prices! As far as membership, they have different rates and promotions regularly. If you see something you like jump on it QUICK! Bags go really quick and then you'll find yourself on a waiting list =( 

Check it out.....

Chanel 'Modern Chain' Large Tote Bag
Don't let the picture fool you...this is a very generously sized tote bag. Great for transitioning between campus to dinner with friends/family/your boyfriend, etc. 
Retail price: $2,225.00
--Member Price--
$94.00/week or $275.00/month
--Non-Member Price--
$100.00/week or $293.00/month

Tory Burch 'Tory' Tote
This tote is greattt for Spring, and the rental price is an absolute steal. This is one great aspect of the website- you can rent 
this tote for the spring/summer season and switch to a new tote for fall/winter. 
Retail price: $225.00
--Member Price--
$14.00/week or $40.00/month
--Non-member Price--
$26.00/week or $75.00/month

Coach Signature Stripe Denim Satchel Handbag
This is the classic Coach signature bag. Although Coach isn't one of my personal favorites, I do commend the company for the durability of their bags and the longevity of their signature. =)
Retail price: $358.00
--Member Price--
$22.00/week or $65.00/month
--Non-member Price--
$39.00/week or $91.00/month

Juicy Couture 'Mod' Princess Fluffy Handbag
This Juicy bag is very Jackie-O in 2009. It's classic ivory color is very timeless. No matter what season, I personally think this bag will be "in." I mean...who said anything about wearing ivory after labor day??!! ;D
Retail value of $375.00
--Member Price--
$15.00/week or $45.00/month
--Non-member Price--
$21.00/week or $58.00/month


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