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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Great Brand: Deux Lux

I LOVEEE Deux Lux bags. I have purchased a number of Deux Lux bags over the years from stores such as Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie without noticing that they were all the same brand. After several spring cleanings and moving..twice...I have retained all of my Deux Lux bags. They are vintage, rustic, AFFORDABLE and so adorable. They last forever, and I've even taken one to the dry cleaners with no problem. Here are some that I either own (and love!) or are on my future "to buy" list =)

1. Deux Lux Zipper Seamed Satchel in Ivory $68.00 available on

2.Deux Lux Doublecross Bag in Deep Purple $68.00 available on

3. Deux Lux Bow Tote in Rose $84.99 available on

4. Deux Lux Filigree Shoulder Bag in Olive $68.00 available on


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