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Monday, July 13, 2009

Colored Bags Under $75!

A pop of color to your outfit can really make a big difference. During the fall and winter, I like to achieve this with scarves. However, now that it's warm, I like to add color through my handbag! It's a very functional way to give your outfit a bit of pop, and the great thing is that most durable bags are pretty timeless. You definitely want to consider your needs when purchasing a bag.

Things to consider are...

*Organization: do you have a lot of nick nacks or prefer to have specific pockets for you keys/cell phone/etc? Get a bag with a lot of pockets and/or that is sectioned off into different compartments

*Size: are you a minimalist, or do you carry a lot of cargo? Try and avoid buying a bag that is too big, bags are manufactured to hold stuff. If there is nothing in it, chances are the bag will not maintain its ideal shape

*Detail: do you like shine? studs? embroidery? This is more personal preference; however, less is more. Stick to bags with one type of detail. Stay away from sequins or rhinestones. I also am not a fan of faux fur, real fur, or snake skin print on bags, but that just might be me. Be careful with ruffles and fringe =)

*Shape: do you like boxier bags? Bowling bag shapes? This again, is personal preference. Some people like to have one of each, whereas I prefer hobo bags.

My favorite colors for bags are plum, gray/blue, and red. Here are some examples!

Deux Lux Pintuck Satchel



Old Navy Women's Faux-Leather Trim Canvas Totes

Newport News Quilted Bag

Kohl's Relic Leah Shoulder Bag

Roxy Bean Bag Handbag

Hurley Ava Oversized Bag


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