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Monday, July 06, 2009

How To: Dress Gossip Girl

In the television series Gossip Girl fashion is just as important as the story line itself! I will be summarizing the major characters' styles, as well as some girls who have made brief or new entranced. You can of course derive your own interpretations by tuning into the show! One thing to keep in mind is that these characters are from the Upper East Side in New York. Fashion in Miami and Los Angeles is very very different from New York, so it's important to not copy their outfits, but instead extract elements that you can incorporate into your own life! My fellow blogger Zepher has a great Gossip Girl couture article here.

Jenny Humphrey
Jenny's style has changed more dramatically over the seasons in comparison to some of the other characters, so I have broken her style into two parts.

Early Jenny
-Celeb similarities: Molly Ringwald (from Sixteen Candles!)
-Her Style in Three Words: Eclectic, downtown feel
-How to be like her....
*find your favorite Marc Jacobs bag, print out a photo, and search thrift stores and vintage shops for a lookalike
*learn some basic sewing skills! Here is a great article. Sewing can save you big bucks on alterations and can allow you to customize your wardrobe.
*pair earth tones with a pop of bright color such as kelly green or pink

New Jenny

-Celeb similarities: Ashlee Simpson, Mischa Barton
-Her Style in Three Words: Sophisticated, fashion-forward
-How to be like her...
*Chop off your hair! Her signature is definitely the short chopped tresses. Dramatic hair can be an accessory on its own!
*Plaid! Jenny is wearing plaid in dresses, skirts, coats, vests, and hats! Stick with one plaid piece per outfit. My favorite are coats.
*Beaded accessories! Max & Chloe along with Ettika just came out with a great rosary inspired collection, which includes necklaces and bracelets.

Blair Waldorf

-Celeb similarities: Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn
-Her Style in Three Words: High-end femininity
-How to be like her...
*wear clean cut lines, especially crisp jackets and pencil skirts
*have a signature ring! Blair always wears her ruby heart-shaped ring, but you should generate your own idea! One great inspiration could be a birth stone ring =)
*Be polished! No-no's include chipped nail polish, unperfected make up, accessories that are not matching, or anything that is not perfected to a T

Serena Van Der Woodsen

-Celeb similarities: Kate Moss, Sienna Miller
-Her Style in Three Words: Boho/rocker chic
-How to be like her...
*collect unique pieces that can be thrown together in an effortlessly chic manner
*vintage is a must! look for funky prints, retro embellishments, and fab details such as oversized buttons on a solid cardigan

Georgina Sparks

-Celeb similarities: Rachel Bilson, Ashley Olson
-Her Style in Three Words: biker gone bitchin'
-How to be like her...
*invest in a leather jacket! I personally like black or charcoal tones, but brown ones are chic, too! Sport leather elements in your wardrobe when you aren't wearing your jacket. Examples include faux leather leggings and boots.
*Be sneaky in oversize shades
*Play with chunky jewelry such as bangles

Anna Sui is also releasing a Gossip Girl collection through Target in September! See more info here


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