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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why every girl should own a pair of red shoes

Red shoes are better than red lips. Why? You get all of the confidence without any of the smudgy mess or risk of embarrassment (red lipstick loses all of its mojo once it's stuck on your teeth). Your red shoes provide sass in a more secretive manner because they are on your feet instead of being the focal point of your face. Your feet are your foundation, and red shoes provide a buttress of boldness. And I'm not talking about maroon. Maroon shoes are dated. Maroon shoes are the color of fall. Cherry red, fire engine red, pow-boom-smack! red...that's what I'm talking about. Because every girl needs oomph all year long, not just during one season. So ladies and gents, here's my pair: a pair of Adrienne Vittadini flats. They are certified RemChic red in patent leather with a peep toe and cutesy black bows. Not to mention they are the only flats I own that actually have a little bit of traction, so I can parade around rain or shine.


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