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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Top 8 Sandals for Summer!

I've decided to compile 8 sandals (in no particular order) that are great for this summer =) it can be overwhelming to decide what flat sandals to purchase; however, this list will give you some insight on what to look for when sandal shopping this summer. Enjoy!


-This is the most classic of all the sandals on this list and is a great basic if you are buying your first pair of gladiator-esque sandals. This will compliment pretty much any color pallet that you have in your wardrobe. Additionally, the strappy detailing accomplished the less-is-more look.


-Dolce Vita has so many great sandals this summer, it was really hard to just choose one. This sandal is daring and perfect for summer. A lot of summer outfits consist of denim shirts and a plain t-shirt, so these sandals are a great way to spice up your outfit. Blue sandals are really in this summer, as well as detailing such as braiding (you'll see more of this motif throughout the list).

-These vintage sandals are retro stud meets lace ankle socks. The heel and buckle detailing are ironic next to the pyramid bead detailing, giving these sandals a very unique and original feel. As mentioned before, quirky details are really in this summer and become an accessory on their own!

Matiko Footwear Ivana Sandals

-I know I am supposed to be unbiased, but these might just be my favorite on the list. The design is so simple and obviously comfortable, yet it's very boho chic and the color pop is great for summer. Additionally, Matiko has an amazing reputation for designing sandals with a strong, supportive foundation.


-If there was a vision of the gladiator sandal of the future, these would totally be them. I love this sandal because it brings together classic and fashion forward elements. The color pallet is overall neutral and will go with pretty much anything. The metallic detailing and the overall silhouette of the shoe is very unique, yet simple. The weaving is very organized and has clean lines. Overall, an amazing choice for this summer.


-These are a very simple sandal that are for those of you who are not comfortable with an actual gladiator style. This shoe is one of the most well made shoes I have ever seen with a padded bottom, leather lining, leather outside, and adjusted back strap. These shoes are ones that will last you a lifetime if you take care of them properly.

$92 (on sale!)

-Slingbacks are such a convenient way to go and give the foot a nice open look. The suede fabric is something different in a great one-of-a-kind way. Also, the ruched upper strap and poppy red color serve as nice details for this shoe. This is also the easiest to put on, as the slingback is made of elastic.


-Steve Madden always has a ton of great flat sandals, and I picked this particular pair for its bohemian-inspired beading. Turquoise, burnt orange, gold, and yellow are all colors that are in this summer. This shoe is a great way to incorporate all of those and is great foot candy for the beach, club, cantina, etc.


arod7 said...

I love #7 and #8!

Kristina said...

I could definitely see you in both of those Ali! =)

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