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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Runway Review: Michael Kors RTW Spring 2011

When I first looked through the 64 looks of this mega collection I didn't really see the underlying message. But after reading a few other reviews (shoot me for not having an original, unresearched interpretation) I agree with other fashion critics that this collection is a winner.

So what is the cohesive thread that holds his collection together? Well, Kors views the collection as a tribute to nature and the simplicity of being, something that he refers to as a "green awakening." Kors looked to his own backyard for inspiration, particularly the splendor he has encountered while living in Water Island, New York City, and Big Sur. The color choices are definitely sensible: mostly white, green, and beige with a splashes of sky blue, thulian pink, and springtime yellow throughout the collection. Looking at the way the pieces in this collection flow as they are modeled down the runway emulates a natural breeze. These garments are definitely boardwalk-friendly.

My favorite looks are featured above. I love the belted suit on the far left because it's classic and something I could see women wearing on the beaches of the Virgin Islands and on either coast. I think this speaks to the different geographical areas Kors is trying to represent through his collection. Additionally, I love the potato-sack meets mod dresses, especially the bright yellow and beige ones pictured. I'm not sure why I find this silhouette so appealing, especially because I tend to favor figure-flattering pieces, but there's something about the simplicity of this design that I like. I also love the makeup and hair choices. They are au naturale and gorgeous, and literally that is all you need to say about them- definitely applaud-worthy choices on Kors' part.

I definitely am not keen on the majority of the menswear looks in this collection. Most of them remind me of Grey's Anatomy--trench coats thrown over scrubs. It was like a dozen McDreamys strutting down the runway trying to hide the sexcapade they had moments before heading to the hospital. Kinda hot, but only Patrick Dempsey's fictional character could pull these ensembles off.

Here's a recap of Michael Kors' Spring 2011 RTW collection. To see the full collection, visit or Women's Wear Daily.



Anonymous said...

I loveeee Michael Kors! <3

Kristina said...

You and me both!

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