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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Erin Fetherston Designs for Juicy Couture

Back in November, Elle magazine reported that 29 year-old designer Erin Fetherston was going to be collaborating with the velour goddesses at Juicy Couture for a line called "Juicy Loves Glamour Girls by Erin Fetherston." Well, being a huge Erin Fetherston fan and a sort of anti-fan of Juicy Couture, I was curious to see if the floral-chiffon mind of Fetherston would work well with the L.A. rhinestone sweats of Juicy. Although it's not my favorite line on the planet, I think the collection is executed in a way that showcases both powerhouse's strengths and signature styles. Juicy said they brought Fetherston from New York to give the company a little extra punch and even gave her the title of "Creative Consultant." I think that Fetherston has added a little something extra to Juicy; however, I don't feel like the full capacity of this pairing has been reached. Perhaps they are intentionally playing it safe for skeptics like myself, or maybe they are even being reserved on purpose hoping consumers will want more. Below are a few of the better pieces in the collection. What do you think? Would you buy anything from this line?

Fetherston posing for Juicy Couture Ad Campaign in June 2010
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Slouchy Jacket
Cotton Top


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