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Monday, August 17, 2009


There are several trends for fall 2009. However, here are my 4 favorites for the upcoming season. Some other trends include:
-Biker wear (see the post "Trend Alert: Biker Babe"
-Exposed bras (I'm not a fan haha)
-Broad shoulders (the pads are back???)
-Extravagant tights (lace, beading, rips, and everything in between)

Ruching: refers to a sewing technique in which light weight fabric is gathered in a repeat pattern to form ridges or pleats that resemble the foldings of a paper fan. Usually ruched fabric is attached to some sort of elastic and can either be free flowing (such as the dress Katherine Heigl is wearing above) or is suspended or stretched, so that the ruched pattern stays in place, such as in the green/navy dress above (by Charlotte Russe, $29.99)

Chunky Chokers: These necklaces are soooo cute! This is definitely my favorite accessory trend for fall 2009. These necklaces are very diverse, so everyone can find something they like! Free People is selling chokers that are following a luminous/mixed metal theme (such as the model in the upper right hand corner). Designers like Marni are featuring chokers that are made of earthly materials and textures, such as wood and bamboo.

Asymmetric Jackets: asymmetrical pieces are very "in" for fall 2009. This includes all of the one shoulder dresses and tops that have been popping up everywhere this summer. However, I think the asymmetric jackets are going to be the best investment for fall 2009. The off center zippers are the most notable detail when it comes to asymmetric jackets, and will give a great twist to a practical piece!

Hot Pink Dresses: Hot pink dresses are alllll over ready-to-wear collections by several designers, including Michael Kors. Hot pink looks surprisingly well on just about all skin tones, making it very versatile for everyone! I prefer the short party dresses, just to play up the flirty-and-fun aspect that hot prink brings. I would avoid anything longer than knee length because you will probably look prom=like or like a pink highlighter.


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