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Friday, August 07, 2009

How To: Wear Cloche Hats

The word "cloche" comes from a French word, which literally means "bell." This close fitting hat is very feminine, yet youthful. This is one of the best accessories for Fall and will compliment solid cardigans, light blazers, pea coats, trenches, and any wooly scarf! What makes cloche hats my favorite is that they are very classic and timeless. Other hats seem to have their 15 minutes of fame and then aren't stylish anymore, or they only work with very specific seasons. Cloche hats are good for a variety of purposes including keeping your ears warm in chilly weather, providing a protective barrier from spring showers, and finally, because of its snugger fit, it is extremely suitable for windy weather.

Below I've included links to all of the hats above, as well as a great video on how to achieve great tousled hair !

1) Nordstrom Buckle Detail Cloche $48
2) Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Starburst Cloche $38
3) Gap Khaki Cloche $30
4) Adi Designs Women's Crochet Ribbon Trim Cloche Hat $22
5) Nordstrom Rosette Bow Cloche $58
6) Banana Republic Ribbon Cloche Hat $50
7) Forzieri Del Moro Ladies' Small Felt Cloche with Ribbon $209
8) Urban Minx Jennifer Ouellette Bow Tie Cloche in Leopard $234



Anonymous said...

I've recently bought a cloche hat and have worn it about town. My city is large, a college town, but no one really wears you have any tips for pulling it off with style? Do I need to have a constantly haughty look to wear it well?

Kristina said...

Cloche has are extremely versatile! I have two that I love and here are the ways I've worn them...

1) A wore a sundress with a solid oversized cardigan, flats, and my cloche with my hair straight (which I did not recommend in this post, but I tried it and I think it went well)

2) Skinny jeans, midcalf boots, a solid blazer with a printed shirt and your cloche- adorable

you can also privately e-mail me at and I would be happy to put a "style file" together for you! I can send you specific example outfits from products you can buy online, or at least gain some ideas from!

Kristina said...

hats** not has haha sorry!

Priscilla "Peachie" said...

This is great... you are really good at this! - Priscilla (Bride2Peach)

Kristina said...

Thanks Priscilla! =)

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