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Monday, August 24, 2009

How To: Dress For The Airport

Footwear is the foundation for comfort. However, comfort does not rule out style. The worst mistake people make at the airport is being overdone in extravagant stilettos. The second worst mistake people make is wearing bedroom slippers. Find a happy median!

Layering is key no matter what. Airports and airplanes fluctuate tremendously in temperature. Additionally, if you're flying from place-to-place chances are you will encounter changes in climate, as well as a possible day-to-night transition while you fly. Pick light to medium coats/jackets/hoodies that are easy to take off during security checkpoints or from your airplane seat. You don't want to waste time or bother those around you by fiddling with fancy snaps, etc.

1. Athleta Cover It Up Coat $79
2. TanJay Mandarin-Collar Jacket $30
3. French Connection Eclipse Coat $80
4. Top Shop Peplum Jacket By Boutique $110
5. Forever 21 Cropped Rebel Jacket $32.80
6. Wet Seal Ribbed Mixed Jacket $26

Other tips:
[1] Pack light! Bring only the essentials (chapstick, a book, iPod)
[2] Go easy on the make-up! It's bound to come off with the change in altitude, etc.
[3] Throw your hair up! Again, with changes in climate, humidity, and more it's better to be safe than sorry.


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