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Monday, May 17, 2010

Ask RemChic: How to pull off Nike boots

Time for another post for Ask RemChic! Remember, if you have a question for RemChic you can...

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Here is our question for the day... 

Question: "I have these amazing Nike boots but have only been able to wear them once. Do you have any suggestions for how to pull them off? Or should I give up?"

After this particular reader posted this question on RemChic's Facebook, she immediately got some great's what was said:

One other Facebook user replied,  
"I'd say some skinny dark jeans, tucked in, and a cute v neck tee, the shoes are wild so I'd say keep the rest of the outfit tame. Unless your feeling rockstar a think a dress could look weird with it."

I definitely agree with what this person said and via Facebook I wrote,
"I agree...dark bottoms are essential here and neutral pieces (like a v-neck t, for example)..."
Furthermore, the person who originally posed the question asked about what type of hair styles would be appropriate with these boots, in which case I suggested,
"I would say something natural or effortless like tossed up into a loose/messy bun or something...just because these boots give off an athletic vibe you don't want to look done up...nothing weirder than a girl with full fledged makeup and curls in athletic-esque wear."

Well, this is my advice in a nutshell. For these boots definitely stick with neutral pieces, such as v-neck t-shirts and black skinny jeans. There isn't a way to avoid the athletic appeal of these boots, so play into it! Here are some example outfits:
Outfit 1: Neutral Meets City Girl

This outfit has a neutral color pallet with some edgy/urban details. The asymmetrical zipper on the jacket along with the wide collar adds a little bit of detailing to this outfit without competing with the boots. The boots should be the strongest element in the outfit because they are very unique and have bright green/yellow threading. I chose a pale green beanie to complement the green in the boots without being over-the-top.

Black Skinny Jeans- Levis (available through Zappos)
White V-neck T-shirt- Forever 21 
Viscose Knit Beanie Hat- TopShop 
Watson Fleece Jacket- Element (available through Zappos) 
Deena & Ozzy Canvas Menswear Tote- Urban Outfitters 

Outfit 2: Athletic All Around

This outfit definitely plays on athleticism. I chose some really comfy leggings and a great warm up jacket as the two core pieces of this ensemble. The black and white combination of these two core pieces will go well together, while simultaneously allowing the boots to become the "pop" of the outfit.

Jersey Stretch Leggings in Black- Plan B (available through Bluefly)
Harmony Tank in Brown- Athleta 
Roland Garros Warm Up Jacket- Adidas 
Autumn Cap- Pistil (available through Athleta) 
Sian Sunglasses in Black- Guess 

Time to Checkout!
What do you think about my suggestions? Do you have any additional tips? Leave a comment with your thoughts!


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