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Friday, May 28, 2010

Celebrity Style File: Ginnifer Goodwin

Although there are still a few days left to vote in the monthly poll for May, the number one request (so far) has been for posts related to celebrity fashion. Well, the other day I was viewing my FAVORITE fashion blog, Who What Wear, when I came across a picture of Ginnifer Goodwin. What caught my eye was the simplicity of her outfit- sunglasses, a cute cream sweater, skinny jeans, and flats. I started Googling her, and her style is actually quite cute, and seeing as I haven't really seen her style showcased on a lot of other blogs, I thought I'd be a little eccentric and pick her for my first celebrity style file!

Ginnifer is best known for her role as Margene Heffman on the HBO series Big Love; however, you may also recognize her for her roles on Mona Lisa Smile and Walk the Line.

Here are a few things you might want to know if you are considering translating elements of Ginnifer's style into your own wardrobe:

-She stands at 5'6", so take that into consideration when analyzing the proportions of her outfits!

-A lot of her outfits very classic with a youthful touch. Although she is 32 years-old, her style can work for 20-somethings, 40-somethings, and every age in between!

-After looking at more recent pictures of her, I feel like Ginnifer's style is moving into an androgynous-meets-noir phase. If you are into lots of black and complimentary pixie cuts, stay tuned!

Exhibit A: Daytime Attire

It was like pulling teeth trying to find daytime/casual pictures of Ginnifer, which I love and hate: love because it shows she tries to stay away from the limelight unless it's in a professional setting (i.e. an award show) and hate because it makes my job (writing this post) super difficult. Ugh! Anyways, here are a few pictures of Ginnifer's casual style, which is composed usually of skinny jeans, a charcoal color pallet, and flats.

If you like Ginnifer's daytime style, here are some wallet-friendly items I could definitely see her wearing:

Exhibit B: Evening Attire

There are two eminent motifs when it comes to Ginnifer's eveningwear: purple and ivory. She also tends to incorporate a lot of draping and floral elements into her nighttime frocks. Furthermore, Ginnifer pretty much always sticks with above-the-knee cuts, which I think compliments her style and body shape really well! Here are some pictures to demonstrate what I mean:

Picture Information (left-to-right):
Cobalt draped dress at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards
Purple frock dress at an Oscar after-party in 2009
Dior dress at a Vanity Fair and Christian Dior-hosted exhibition in LA

Photo Information (left-to-right):
Prada frock with patent black rosettes at the Prada book launch party in Beverly Hills
Ivory tiered dress with black ribbon at EMA Awards in Los Angeles
Metallic dress at the Genesis Awards

Here are some more inspired-by items that will get your creative juices flowing when trying to incorporate Ginnifer's style into your evening outfit:

Let's Review
Here are some "catch words" when trying to emulate Ginnifer Goodwin's style into your own wardrobe!
Casual Attire:

Evening Attire:

Want to see more? Check out this timeline of Ginnifer's style, presented by Cosmopolitan.

What do you think?
 Do you like Ginnifer's style? Are there any celebs you'd like to see on Celebrity Style File? Let me know with a comment or e-mail me at info at remchic dot com!! 



AR said...

Love her! She is so cute! I really like her casual style and relate to it. I like to wear really cute simple clothes that are classic, not super trendy. But also with a cute accessory like sunglasses or hat. Sort of makes a statement like you're trying but not trying at the same time.

The Honeyroom said...

I lover her style, she looks great in all her clothes, in casual clothes and dressy clothes, I really love the purple dress.

Kristina said...

AR: I totally agree. I definitely live by the same fashion philosophy that you mentioned: classic with one accessory that "pops." Couldn't agree more =)

The Honeyroom: I agree!

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