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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Old Navy swim sale is a pleasant surprise!

Actress Donna Drake taking aim with a rifle on the balcony of her home, dressed in a two-piece swimsuit, her dog lying on a cushion nearby.
Life Magazine, 1942. Photographer: Peter Stackpole.

My younger sister's birthday is in a few days, and for her gift I promised her I would take her swimsuit shopping before the end-of-the-year pool party at her school. Of course, being in 6th grade any party is a fashion war between all of the girls in her group. It's like Mean Girls junior high edition, but hopefully not that bad.

Anyways, we decided to hit the usual prospective stores for swimwear for a girl her age...Pac Sun, Dillards, Target...all unsuccessful. The suits we found were way out of budget ($100 for a girl whose shoe size changes every full moon, no thanks!) or just not fashion-forward enough for her (she strictly told me no pink, no flowers).

I was seriously about to give up when we decided to checkout this new marketplace that had recently opened with an enormous Old Navy. Enormous. This place was the Mecca of all the other Old Navies I had ever seen. Literally.

We opened the recently Windex-ed doors and trekked straight back for the girls’ swimwear section. It was a goldmine! There were two pieces, one pieces, tankinis, pink, ruffles, sparkles, and polka dots galore. To top it off, there was a little yellow tag that read “All Swimwear $10.” Score!

My mind started wandering, and I thought hmmm I wonder if there are any cute swimsuits in my size. My sister grabbed about six suits to try on, and we headed for the women’s section. In the women’s section there were about 8 rows of swimwear for every shape, in every style and color imaginable. Additionally, the same yellow, plastic tag adorned the bar of swimwear, “All Swimwear $10.” A complete adult suit for $20?!

About 5 minutes later, I told Lauren, my sister, we were going to need a shopping bag. About 5 more minutes later, I told her we were going to need a cart. About 10 minutes after that, we headed to the fitting room with 30 suits to try on. Remember, 6 of them where my sister’s.

Anyways, I ended up with three complete suits, and the moral of the story is…expand your shopping horizons and you fill find high-quality merchandise at low cost. If you are interested in the Old Navy swim sale, check out their website or contact a store near you!

Here are three really cute example suits, all from Old Navy!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for the Old Navy article! Will have to check it out. Always try the usual stores but will pop in there sometime & see what they have. Miss you! Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Going to check it out now!

Kristina said...

Cheryl: Miss you too! Let me know if you find anything =)

Anonymous: Happy hunting!

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