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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fashionably Scammed: Oohilove trick cost me $30

I am an avid sample site shopper/browser and often start my mornings perusing through sites such as Gilt Groupe, ideeli, Hautelook, and Rue La La. I recently discovered another similar site, Oohilove and was really interested in seeing what it was all about. Unlike the sites I previously mentioned, Oohilove is an auction-based site where you buy bids at $0.99 a piece. It's sort of confusing, but the best way I can describe it is you buy a bundle of bids, where each bid costs $0.99. The minimum package (which is what I bought) is $29.99 for 30 bids.

Okay, so the next step is you go to the live auctions and each time you (or anyone else) bid(s) the price of the item goes up by $0.02 and the timer goes up by 10 seconds. All items start at $0.00. They feature a ton of great items from $100 Tiffany gift cards to Louis Vuitton bags that retail for over a grand. They also have a tab where you can view the auctions that have ended and the winning price. I was completely floored when I saw Tory Burch leather totes won for $15.00 or less. Additionally, everything is guaranteed authentic.

Now for the scam part. I am completely convinced you are bidding against at least one person per auction from Oohilove. There were multiple times when I clicked "bid" when the timer was at 1 second or less. Somehow I kept losing! How could this be?! After losing a Tiffanys necklace, a pair of Christian Louboutin Rolando pumps, and over $10.00 worth of bids...I started to question the site. I went to Site Jabber, which is a great website for researching the legitimacy of websites, and of course 95% of the reviews of this site all said the same thing- it's a scam. The mathematics are broken down in a bunch of the reviews on Site Jabber, so I won't go into that, but really this company is based on complete trickery.

Although I do believe the products are authentic (I HATE knockoffs and think they are disgusting) the site is a gambling scam. It's just like the casinos in Vegas- the marble and onyx has to be paid by someone! I probably won't even be using my remaining 20 bids because if I were to win (which is unlikely) I really do not want to give this company any business at all.

Moral of the story: watch out for designer product scams and stick with legitimate companies for all of your chic purchases!


Anonymous said...


I was scammed too! I'm so sad because I spent $150 dollars in oohIlove.

I think that the real scam is that thet have original items BUT they bid to themselves with a unlimited number of bids.

I kinda studied the behavior of the auctions and I realized that other users like "Imnotstopping" or "giveup" ALWAYS bid like a zillion times even in the items they just won few days before.

So, it costed me $150 bucks. I hope they burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

BEWARE After I had "won" an item at a very fair price they had me jump through many hoops and I still have not received it. They had me FAX my driver's license several times (sensitive info covered) and although the item has been paid for by VISA, I can't get them to tell me how I should pay for shipping costs. They have it listed as waiting for shipping approval. They said they did not have my address which was listed TWICE on the address page and on my driver"s license. I would not go through this hassle which has lasted for days and numerous calls and emails for any bargain. I get a different person on the "support team" each time I email and have never been able to speak to anyone by phone. You can only leave your number. Not worth it. If not resolved soon BBB and VISA fraud dept.

Jessica said...

I am sad too because I just spent $120 and 4 hours of my life at Oohilove. I wish I had found this site before I got hooked on the hype. I think the first commenter is right in the fact that the site operators bid up the items themselves. They take advantage of fashion obsessed people looking for a steal. Also, their whole "Love Dollars" thing is a rip off as you can't use all the dollars on one purchase only as a minimal discount. BS! I won't be back!

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