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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Inspiring Architecture: Borrow House by Andrew Maynard Architects

Time for another architecture piece! Here's a structure called the Barrow House by Andrew Maynard Architects. The House is located in Melbourne, Australia and was built in 2008. The design is really innovative, yet simple- it literally seems like an arrangement of bronze boxes. The boxes protrude and vary in size; however, they are all united in the center, creating an interior of interesting proportions and an exterior that is different, yet still visually pleasing.

The architects and builders collaborated to make different wall thicknesses throughout the house, which you cannot tell by the interior nor exterior; however, I'm pointing this fact out because it provides a "fluctuating sense of mass," which is further perpetuated by window arrangements and framing techniques. This house is literally all about perspective, which is why I find it so interesting. For me, great fashion is really a matter of proportions and how you look at things. The house appears to be a box, but really it's so much more!

In my last Inspiring Architecture post, I featured architectural designs by Project Runway Winner Leanne Marshall, this time around I think Derek Lam's fall 2007 RTW collection goes well with the Borrow House, especially the signature piece which is a boxy, asymmetrical coat (featured on the far left below). The only thing that would make the Borrow House and Lam's collection even more alike is if Lam's color pallet featured more brown wood tones. Ah well, close enough!

Architecture Critique: Your Thoughts?!
What do you think? Could you picture yourself living in the Borrow House? What do you think about fashion inspired by architecture? Let me know with a comment! If you want more of Derek Lam's fall 2007 RTW collection, check it out at!

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