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Saturday, July 31, 2010

RemChic needs YOUR help. Should I buy studded high top Converse?

I was skimming through Gilt Groupe today and came across the sweetest kicks I've ever seen in my life. These studded converse high tops make me feel like becoming a street bike riding, leather jacket wearing, flip-my-hair-in-the-wind-after-I-take-my-helmet-off fierce female. They were originally $100 and are now $65 on Gilt. Additionally, just about every size is sold out except for the golden 6.5, which are of course my size. It's a sign, right? These street sneaks remind me of Balmain a few collections ago and I love them! However, as I look up from behind my laptop screen I see all of my clothes in my closet are girly sundresses and frilly skip-in-the-meadow garments. So what's a girl to do? Buy something that could potentially sit in my closet alone, sad, and unworn, or could this be the beginning piece of a collection of clothing items that speak to my bad ass chic side? Hmm...the Gilt sale is open for just a few more hours. Let me know what you would do!


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