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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Louis Vuitton's Monogram Volupté bags are not too shabby!

Some of you might be aware of my outspoken dislike for Louis Vuitton monogram bags. I just think if you are going to pay a grand plus for a bag it shouldn't be a wearable advertisement. Most label whores often go for LV bags as their first claim to fame purchase, and the whole thing is so anti-fashion and extremely pro-materialism. I won't deny the quality of LV bags, and I will say some of the shapes of the bags are pretty cute. I just think some people take their bags too seriously as a status symbol. Anyways, today after raiding the local grocery store (and their convenient dollar sale of Mike and Ike boxed candies) I came across an ad from Louis Vuitton's fall 2010 ad campaign, which featured the monogram volupté bags. They are actually very functional looking and tame. At first I didn't even notice the LV stamps.

There are two versions of this bag: Beauté and Psyché. The first is a bit longer/more rectangular, while the latter is a square. There are two colors available gris (a sort of navyish gray) and bordeaux (a muted plum/mulberry). I think I like these bags because they are a classic, but the texture on the bottom half is interesting. It is sort of worn and crinkly, with the LV logo secretly embedded in the leather. On one hand it kinda looks old and beat up (which isn't comforting when you consider the $2,000+ price tag), but on the other hand it's innovative and is a fresh break from the super shiny leather and matte leather bags we've seen a lot of this fall. If you are interested, these bags will be released on August 13! Personally, I think I'd go for Psyché in Gris. Here are the bags! The pictures were found on ILVOELV:




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