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Monday, December 27, 2010

How to Successfully Wear Fur

The winter fashion scene reminds me of the middle school years- a brief awkward time stuck in-between two major seasons. It's short-lived, yet the confusion can be scaring for life if done incorrectly. Of course, winter 2010/2011 fashion trends are borrowing from it's elder fall 2010 runway highlights, while also eagerly grasping onto aspects of spring 2011 looks. It's sort of like a twelve year-old girl who is borrowing her high school sister's Chanel lipstick, while also wearing her 6th grade cords.

One such trend is the fur frenzy I've been seeing all over the mags- Harper's Bazaar, Elle, and Marie Claire featured fur looks in their November, December, and even January issues (at least the ones that have hit the press/I've seen). Fur is being belted, shagged, and even slapped on oversized collars like a built-in scarf. If you're like me and the only fur thing you've ever owned is a rabbit foot key chain that you one at the county feels like warm and fuzzy overload.

After doing some research, I've compiled this season's most popular ways to wear fur and have paired my findings with a few helpful tips of my own. Perhaps with a bit of organization and summarizing, we can approach the fur trend together with confidence. Here goes nothin'!

On the Runway

Before compiling two of my own examples, I wanted to include a collage of inspirational looks from the runway. Here are just a handful of the fur looks shown at fashion week:


Example 1: Fur with Leather

Remember all of the motorcycle looks on the fall 2010 runway? In October you couldn't leave the house without studs or leather in your ensemble, and now, all you have to do is add a dash of fur to your outfit and you are right in sync with the winter 2011 scene! Treat your fur like an accessory- look for tame coats that have fur collars and/or cuffs. Pair it with skin-tight leather skinnies, a loose t-shirt and a sleek ponytail for a cool downtown look.

My Example Ensemble:
Jacket- Mackage

Top- Son of John
Pants- Black Denim
Wedges- Chinese Laundry

Example 2: Sporting a Fur Vest

The influx of fur vests this year has been ridiculous. You can't step into a Forever 21, nor a local boutique or even Barney's without spotting a number of fur vests. I've seen a lot of them belted with long sleeves underneath; however, I prefer the open vest look. Trying to cinch all of that fur under a belt defeats the purpose of waist-defining accessories. In keeping with the fall-meets-winter trend theme, I chose a gray number since gray and camel are the signature colors of fall 2010. I paired it with a long sleeve in a muted print and filled the rest of the ensemble with neutrals and touches of gold.

My Example:
Vest- Kensie
Boots- Frye
Long Sleeve- Erica Tanov
Bag- Helena de Natalio

Runway Photos from:


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