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Saturday, April 11, 2009


I think aprons are really cute and fun! They can be practical at home if you are a frequent baker/cooker, or they can be really unique gifts for friends/family. As far as what to look for I think the most important is the material. You don't want anything that is made of really thin material or potential spills will leak onto your regular clothing. Also, look for something that is easily washable, some aprons are super embellished with buttons, etc. and may be cute, but difficult to wash. I would also stay away from ones that are really light in color because if you do have a stain or spill, it will look really obvious on light colored material and be hard to wash out. However, if you are just looking for something to do casual cooking in, a light or pastel colored apron might be okay.Anthropologie: Secret Recipe Apron- $38
Nice because it has front pockets and is easily washable! Very feminine pattern!

Williams Sonoma: Personalized Provence Apron- $36
This apron is the classic fit and is a heavy cotton and is super durable. Also, you can add up to 9 characters of embroidery along the top of the apron, so this makes a great personalized gift. Choose red or golden threading for your embroidery along the navy background!
Anthropologie: Stockholm Floral Apron- $28 
This also has front pockets and is washable! Bonus: the button around the neckline is adjustable and its very affordable!

Target: Casual Home- Floral Red Apron- $14.99
This also features pockets and ties. I like this one because it has a good mix of the classic look and a feminine/vintage touch. Plus, you can't beat the price!

Dillard's: Buttermilk Farms Crayon Apron- $26
Okay, so this is for little girls, but I could not resist posting it. This ballerina pink half apron comes with 24 crayons, which all fit in the little pockets. Probably the cutest gift item- EVER!


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