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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can Sweats Be Chic?

Many fashion critics would say that wearing sweatpants or exercise clothing outside of the house or gym is a big no-no, but let's face reality: there WILL be times when one of the following situations applies:

1) You need to go to a class at 8:00am, and the alarm goes off at 7:45am.
2) You need to leave the house to run one small, 10 minute errand.
3) You're sick, but need to leave the house to go to the doctor's, pick up medicine, etc.

Especially in college, sweats are notorious for being the on-the-go convenient and comfortable outfit. However, can sweats be cozy and still be fashionable? Here are 5 looks by one of my faves, Jessica Alba, sporting a variety of ways to wear sweats. In each outfit I'll give you tidbits on how I feel you
can be chic in your sweats!

Outfit 1: On the Way to the Hair Salon!

This photo was taken as Jess left a Beverly Hills salon in mid April of 2009. This photo has been widely publicised because of Jess's transformation to light tresses from the darker brunette look she's been sporting since daughter, Honor Marie, was born.

Jessica sports pale pinks and Robin's egg blue, both are very common April colors. Below I have recreated his ensemble for only $162! If you are interested in any of the items I have also linked each item to direct you to a site where you can purchase the item! Happy hunting! Tip: If you are able to find a less expensive scarf, this outfit easily will cost you under $75!!

Forever 21 Scoop Neck Pocket Tee
Outfit 2: On the Way to the Gym!

These pictures were taken of Jessica premotherhood at a gym in Southern California. Keeping it simple with athletic attire is a must. I would suggest investing in clothing made from synthetic material that is sweat resistant for the gym, such as Nike's DryFit line.

 If you aren't headed to the gym, sporty sweats can be a great alternative to more traditional, baggy pieces. The outfit Jessica is wearing could go well with a backpack for attending classes, or a tote for running errands. I've again recreated the outfit below and not including the iPod or water this outfit will cost you only $131! Yes!







Outfit 3: On the Way Out-The-Door, and its Chilly!

Weather can play a huge factor in comfy ensembles. When it's cold or chilly, who doesn't want to stay in bed all warm and cozy?! Fortunately, there IS a way to marry the warmth of your duvet and your desire to look cute. How? Color and accessories!

As we can see here, Jessica uses a mustard colored diaper bag with lavender and purple pieces. A creative color combination like this can take your outfit to a whole new level! Instead of a diaper bag, you can substitute an oversized tote bag for carrying your laptop, books, etc. My recreation totals

1. Forever 21 Metal Aviator Sunglasses in Gold/Brown






Outfit 4: On the Way to the Airport!

The airport is notorious for travelers wrapped up in cotton and fleece. Although sweatpants are the only way to go (See "What to Wear Traveling" coming soon!) it certainly is a popular item when jet setting. The number one cardinal rule for any traveling outfit is LAYERING! Why? Because temperatures vary from departure to arrival. However, you also want pieces that you can easily remove and put on during security check. Jessica demonstrates this perfectly with flip flops and an open cardigan, both easily removable. 

This is my favorite recreation. I am a huge fan of neutrals (as most of you know or will come to know). This outfit will cost you $104!! =)




$14.99 (sale!)

6. Aldo Lizzette Scarf               


Outfit 5: On the Way to the Mall

Jessica is scene here outside of one of my favorites, Missoni. What I love about this outfit is if you look at the top half of her outfit, you get a European sailor vibe that would go great with skinny jeans and boots. Now, just focus on the bottom half, and it has a tennis feel to it. I like how she has taken two different themes and blended them into one totally new theme with her outfit. My version will cost you $288

1. Free People Exotica Sunglasses

I think this look can be achieved with the proper pairing of clothing items. The key entities to wearing sweats, in my opinion, are:

-A big roomy bag
-Comfortable shoes

Notice that most of what I just listed are accessories. Make sure that you pair that comfy hoodie with a scarf or a bit of color to make it look more wearable and not pajama-like. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!!

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