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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Ask RemChic: What to Wear to Fall & Winter Weddings

Whenever I think of wedding season I usually think late March/early April...a garden...a classic Cymbeline floor-length number...oh, wait, I'm fantasizing about my own wedding...again. Well, there is a point to my fantasy introduction: when people think 'wedding season' they think spring. Therefore, fall and winter weddings are considered unconventional and people don't always know how to dress for them. One RemChic reader will be attending two large weddings during the cooler time of the year: one in southern Arizona in mid-December and one in southern California around the beginning of January. Time to brainstorm!

Okay let's get the facts straight--both ceremonies will be held outside, receptions inside, formal attire, and roughly 200+ people. Nothing over the top. Additionally, this reader has geography on her side. Neither southern Arizona nor southern California will require outfits tailored to snow, sleet, hail, and all of the other wonderful natural elements typical of east coast winters.

I suggest buying one dress and wearing it two different ways. This is the most economical option and it lends itself to one of my favorite pastimes: mixing-and-matching. By exploring multiple ways of wearing the same dress we can dip into our existing wardrobes and stretch our creative minds.

About the Dress

The dress I've chosen is called the "Cotton Cady Aveline dress" by J.Crew. I'm fairly familiar with the reader's personal style and I know she isn't one for anything with a lot of froo-froo. This is a nice, classic option that will last beyond the winter season, and it will work with an array of accessories. She can also dress it down (which I know she will appreciate) with flats and a cardigan for a year-round look. I also chose this dress because the A-line silhouette with the plunging neckline is a flattering choice for a number of body shapes, and if this exact dress isn't to your liking, there are probably similar versions out there. This is supposed to be easy and fun, so let's save the headaches for the brides' wedding planner(s) and/or future mothers-in-law.

One thing I'd like to note is the color of the dress in the photo below. Unfortunately, the website only shows a modeled version of this dress in the off white/grayish color, but I do not recommend this color. In fact, I think it washes out the model and it is not appropriate for a wedding because it's too close to white.

Option 1: Wildflowers in Tucson

For this ensemble I was inspired by the colors of a desert sunset. I wanted to leave the neckline alone (i.e. no necklace) and give the wrists a little bling, so I chose leaf-inspired bracelet by Monet. This keeps with the earthiness emphasized in southwestern style. I also think it would be cute if the reader tossed her hair in a loose bun and pinned it with a taupe flower pin like the one I've chosen from Forever 21. It brings in the colors of the desert floor and would contrast nicely with her dark hair. Additionally, it leaves the deep v in the back open for admiration! The shoes are a simple Nine West pump, but with a low heel for dancing and mingling at the reception. After looking at the necklace, hair pin, shoes, and dress I felt the outfit could use something to bring all of it together, so I paired it with this amazing French Connection clutch. I could gobble it up it is so dang cute.

The other nice aspect of this style is that it isn't too loud. There is undoubtedly nothing worse than being the girl who is screaming for attention at another girl's wedding. If you are that desperate for limelight, I suggest you wear a straitjacket.

Option 2: Southern California Stud

After spending a lot of time between Tucson and southern California I can honestly say that California's style persona is a little bit more on the oomph side, while Tucsonians appreciate subtle, sandy ensembles. The look above could definitely work in California, but seeing as it's more on the classic side, I want to push the boundaries a little more with this second outfit. Between daily celeb faux paux and the Real Housewives of Orange County, I think California can handle it.

The shoes are a peep toe bootie from Moda Spana. Peep toe booties are all the rage this season and have been seen on the runways of Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, and more. To add to the edgy vibe I've chosen a studded cross-body bag from Target. Cross-body bags are another hit this season, and I love carrying mine when I go out because you can just throw your essentials in one place and go! And finally, I chose a simple silver two-finger ring to finish the outfit from Urban Outfitters.

Other Tips and Tricks

You can always dress this outfit down by substituting heels for flats. Kate Spade has a ton of really cute ones that are semi-dressy. Also, for those chilly evenings, I would recommend grabbing a viscose cardigan. Wear it open over the dress and or you could even try throwing on a thin waist belt over it. Don't forget to use a good make up primer so your make up stays in place all afternoon/evening without you having to reapply. Yay!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I actually have this dress in the same color for a wedding I'm going to next week. I love your suggestions, but any shoes and accessory ideas for a new england wedding?

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