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Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to Successfully Wear a Summer Dress During the Winter

So you invested in a $500 summery designer frock for $250 in October because, let's face it, that's 50% off and you've been drooling over that dress since it hit Barney's in July. Alas, three weeks went by and the honeymoon phase between you and your silky number was cut short by the daily high plummeting a good 30 degrees. You've only worn your dress a handful of times and it's starting to look like the red tag sale really got the best of you. What's a girl to do?!

Do. Not. Panic. I'm here for you, and if need be, I will mail you a brown paper bag for all of your hyperventilating needs. However, I doubt you are going to reach that level of despair because I'm here to give you some really easy tips on how to utilize your summer dress during colder weather. Let's get started!

The sample dress I'm going to use is a belted summer dress from 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent. It retails for about $300 and was recently on sale on The Outnet for $75, so this is a very realistic example.

Tip 1: Remember Your Basics

Honestly, whenever I don't know what to wear during the cooler months I start with a foundation of black with cognac boots. Well, black tends to be part of my fashion philosophy all year long; however, pairing black with cognac boots becomes particularly useful between October-February. Especially with the periwinkle color of this dress, you really have to darken the entire outfit to make it suitable for fall/winter color schemes. I'm also going to throw it out in the open that I really prefer solid, thicker tights. I'm not a pantyhose type because it's really unpractical as far as keeping you warm, and I have a lingering paranoia that they are going to rip at any given moment. Just food for thought.

Candence Cognac Boots- Steve Madden
Gray Legwarmers- Puma
HUE Black Tights- Ron Herman
Commander Jacket- All Saints

Tip 2: Dress It Up With Booties

Of course one of the best times to utilize your summer dress is while you're out on the town! My go to outfit for winter nights out is definitely a tunic-type dress with leggings, booties, and either a cardiganish knit item or a blazer. It's really comfortable and warm, while still being a little on the dressy side.

Ribbed Stretch Leggings- DKNY
Lovely People Juniper Bootie- DSW
Paisley Gust Sweater Jacket- Anthropologie
Draped Multi Chain Necklace- Forever 21

Tip 3: Play With Current Trends

A great way to sort of mask the summeriness of your dress is to amplify other aspects of your outfit. Right now, red coats seem to be a huge hit, as well as infinity scarves, moto boots, chunky knits, and cowboy-esque boots. However, because you don't want your outfit to scream "trend overload" make sure you pinpoint one or two trends you want to showcase and fill the remainder of the outfit with neutrals.

'Kiki' Over the Knee Boots- Dolce Vita
Thermal Leggings- Old Navy
Knit Collar Coat- Forever 21
Slouchy Beanie- Banana Republic
Deux Lux Bag- Urban Outfitters

And that concludes my lesson! If you have any other tips/tricks/questions/concerns feel free to leave a comment! Also don't forget to enter the RemChic giveaway before the contest closes! Click here for more details.


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