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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stop Saying Versace like 'Ver-say-see.' It's 'Ver-sah-chee.'

I don't consider myself a fashion snob, but it is definitely a huge pet peeve of mine when someone tries to impress me with their couture lingo and mispronounces designer names. I can't help but simultaneously chuckle and cry inside when someone says 'Ver-say-see' for Versace when they really mean 'Ver-sah-chee.' After conducting some research, I have compiled a list of commonly mispronounced designer names. After debunking all of your linguistic conundrums I expect all of my RemChic monsters to go out into the world honoring the phonetics of these designers' names. For a more in depth list, check out tristinstyling.

Balmain: Bal-mah
Bulgari: Ball-gah-ree
Burberry Prorsum: Bur-bur-ree Pror-some
Carolina Herrera: Caro-leena Hair-era
Christian Louboutin: Loo-boo-tin
Dries Van Noten: Drees Van Know-ten
Emilio Pucci: Eh-mi-li-oh Poo-ch-ee
Furla: Fer-luh
Givenchy: Jee-von-shee
Herm├Ęs: Air-mez
Jean Paul Gaultier: John Paul Gal-tee-aye
Lanvin: Lon-vin
Louis Vuitton: Loo-ee Voo-ee-ton
Marchesa: Mar-kay-sa
Moschino: Mo-ski-no
Monique Lhullier: Mo-neek Loo-lee-ay
Rodarte: Ro-dar-tay
Versace: Ver-sah-chee
Yves Saint Laurent: Eve San Lor-ron
Zac Posen: Poe-zen

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