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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Oohs and Awes for Marc Jacobs Backward Cardigans

If only Marc Jacobs was 20 years younger and straight. He is really my ideal man: dark features, an amazing dresser, and "intelligent" is an understatement. What makes Jacobs such an admirable designer is his ability to reinvent classics in the most ingenious way that makes you say, "why didn't I think of that?" This season I'm loving his Backwards Crew-Neck Cardigan. I literally live my life in cardigans, and I've never even thought about turning it around for a whole new look. You really can't beat that kind of innovative thinking. If you are loving this look, but not the $995 price, check out this awesome article by Who What Wear on a really simple D.I.Y. project a la Marc Jacobs. I'm definitely going to try this at home! Kudos Jacobs, and if you have a nephew that's remotely like you...have him call me.


Anonymous said...

My grandmother used to wear her cardigans this the fifties. Apparently it was a trend back then.

Anonymous said...

I wore my pink crewneck cardigan backwards to work last week. I got lots of comments!

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